Humans Of Organic - A Recap

A year ago we embarked on a journey covering length and breadth of India, capturing stories of individuals working in organic. From organic grower to its supply chain people to each individual involved in growing of organic movement. Nature Bio Foods team travelled to hinterlands of India and Africa listening to We’ve recorded their narratives – not just of farming, but of overcoming adversity, maintaining tradition, and a sustainable future. From these special encounters and moments frozen in time, we have woven together a book of such narratives.
We launched Humans of Organic to tell stories, to connect people working in organic with the emotion of, ‘You’re not alone.’ We hoped to reach out a hand to those who believed that no one would understand their pain, to envelop those in a warm hug who wanted to share their happiness, to walk shoulder to shoulder with those rebels with a cause of organic, and to just… listen. To your story.

But what began as a simple effort to lend a voice to the voiceless, became much more. What began as strangers coming together, is now a community of global organic movement.

The last few years we have catapulted us into stories of organic actors beyond our imagination. And as we have grown, we’ve crossed borders, oceans, and hundreds of miles. Today, Humans of Organic catalogues defines the individuals and their story: the story of organic. Today, Humans of Organic is global movement that showcases unique, inspirational and relatable stories of individuals from organic world. So let us walk you through them, their journey, their story…